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Patrick Gomez
September 01, 2011 09:00 AM

The duos twist returned to Big Brother – gave those in danger a new lease on life this week.

“Rachel or Jordan were definitely going home but now just one of them needs to win veto and both of them are safe,” Kalia said. “Twists always jack me.”

And while Jordan was still devastated by the eviction of her boyfriend Jeff, Rachel – who has been showing a surprisingly sane side recently – had to focus her partner.

“This saved both of us,” she told a tearful Jordan. “We have been having a horrible game. We have to put it behind us. When we win the veto, Shelly and Adam are forced on the block. This is our chance for redemption.”

But Adam and Shelly were well aware of the importance of the veto as well.

“Now we need to win the veto more than ever,” Adam told his partner, Shelly, who was already thinking ahead to Thursday’s eviction.

“I have to win this veto or I am going out the door this week. I don’t stand a chance against Adam,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jordan hatched a backup plan, offering a final-four deal to Porsche to increase their chance of being taken off the block after the veto.

“Rachel and I have to go up there and talk to Porsche and Rachel has to keep her mouth shut. Rachel is the worst at talking to people,” Jordan explained before acknowledging that Rachel is seen as a “liar” – in front of Rachel herself.

“Jordan, I’ve never heard you talk like that before,” Rachel said as they left the HoH room. “Kalia and Porsche would be crazy not to take this final-four deal with us.”

Maybe they are “crazy” but Kalia and Porsche decide to avoid making a decision until after the competition, which had the houseguests hanging on to dummies as long as possible.

“I’m just still too fat,” Adam said of falling off first. (Later he was seen wearing a shirt that said “I put bacon on my bacon.”)

Next to fall were Shelly and Jordan, while Rachel was holding strong with her legs straddling her “Brendan” dummy.

“My entire life is relying on Porsche and Kalia hanging on to their dummies,” Shelly said shortly before both they both fell and Rachel won the veto.

“We’re safe! We’re safe,” Rachel told Jordan while crying actual tears.

“I have no doubt in my mind that you and Rachel are going to send me out this week,” Shelly said.

But she had a plan: After apologizing to Jordan for voting out Jeff, Shelly offered a final-three deal to the veterans.

“I would just like to stay with you and play the game. I am offering you a chance to get you further in the game,” Shelly said before admitting to the cameras, “If I make it to the final three there is no way I’m handing them over the money.”

So going in to Thursday’s eviction, Rachel and Jordan have a big decision to make.

Jordan’s new plan: “We’ve got to start thinking smarter.”

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