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Big Brother: Jeff Takes Control of the House

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Sonja Flemming/CBS

With “zombie” Brendon finally out of the house, the Big Brother head-of-household competition was a slippery showdown – and Jeff became the first male to win it this season.

“I’m so ecstatic Jeff won HoH,” Jordan said. “Now this week he can relax and I can relax and we don’t have to worry about drama.”

But with alliance members Shelly and Rachel still dealing with their fight, the HoH room did not end up drama-free.

“I’m proud of Rachel for the first time in the game,” Jeff said of how she remained composed during Shelly’s attack. “Maybe something I’m telling her is sinking in that noodle.”

One person who wasn’t getting anything into her noodle was Porsche, who, with her back against the wall, gave one of the weakest vies for safety the Big Brother house has seen in 13 seasons.

“I’m not the best at this, but I don’t just want to be butt-kissing,” Porsche said in her best attempt to “strategize” with Jeff.

And despite the fact that Daniele, Kalia and Porsche all made their pleas to stay off the block, all three were chosen by Jeff as have-nots.

“I think I’m the saddest girl in a sombrero ever,” Porsche said of being on slop for the week.

Moving forward to nominations, Jeff knew he had a big decision to make.

“I hold a lot of power this week,” he said, “and I know it couldn’t come at a more crucial time.”

Jeff stayed true to his alliance and nominated Kalia and Porsche. “I want you to show me that you’re here to play and win,” Jeff told Porsche, who has come in second place in multiple competitions this season.

But Kalia got a much more ominous message: “Now is your chance to … feel the way I felt and take yourself off the block,” he told her.

Could Jeff have ulterior motives with his nominations?

“My biggest dilemma at this point is upsetting Daniele,” Jeff said of having the power this week. “On the flip side, I would be lying if didn’t say maybe I want to put Daniele up.”