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Big Brother: Daniele Has the Veterans Running Scared

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Sonja Flemming/CBS

With her back against the wall, Daniele took the Head of Household title, leaving her fellow Big Brother veterans shaking in their boots ahead of Sunday’s nominations.

After her main ally was sent home Thursday, Danielle admitted, “My plan blew up in my face.” So walking in to the Head of Household competition, she did what she does best – she played to win.

And Adam and Lawon did what they do best too – they lost a competition that other houseguests referred to as “just another day at the gym.”

Somewhat more surprising were the next three eliminated: veterans Brendan, Jeff and Jordan. But while Brendan and Jordan became Have-Nots, golden-boy Jeff became the lucky recipient of $10,000.

With only four left in the competition, Kalia was the only woman of any “substance” next to her pin-thin ally Daniele and newbies Shelly and Porsche.

After both his blonde allies fell, Jeff summed it up best, saying, “It s a done deal. In the end I lost.”

After a quick celebration with her new bestie Daniele, Kalia tried to make peace with Rachel after the explosive house meeting the week before.

But only Rachel would take an apology as a personal attack and call Kalia “crazy.” (Although apologies are probably a “crazy” concept to Rachel.)

Elsewhere, Jeff, Jordan, and Daniele were awkwardly trying to make amends – and deals.

Looking to “have my back covered for next week,” Daniele struck a deal with “America s couple,” guaranteeing them safety in exchange for a one-week truce the week following her HoH reign.

But first, almost like Groundhog Day, Daniele was then visited by the other couple, and forced to tell Brenchel, “I genuinely like you guys,” while avoiding being cornered into a deal.

When the time came, Daniele stayed true to her deal with Jeff and Jordan by nominating Brenchel.

And while Rachel declared “full-fledged war” and Jeff was worried about being back-doored, Daniele ended Sunday’s episode confident that even if Brendan or Rachel are taken off the block after the veto on Tuesday, “whoever stays up there is going home.”

Looks like someone is coming between Rachel and her man.