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Patrick Gomez
August 05, 2011 08:00 AM

“History has not been kind to the pawn,” host Julie Chen said at the beginning of Thursday’s Big Brother. And with Jordan nominated next to Brendon – the true target – one veteran was guaranteed to go home this week. But which one?

“It’s kind of obvious who needs to go,” Head of Household Daniele said, but some of the newbies did not see it that way.

“I have been riding both sides of the house,” Shelly said of being torn between Daniele’s wishes and keeping her ally, Brendon.

“Making toys at the North Pole is easier than playing Big Brother,” said Adam, clearly a bit crazy from being forced to wear an elf suit all week.

With Kalia, Lawon and Jeff certainly voting to keep Jordan, Daniele actively sought out a vote from Porsche even though she claimed, “Rachel is going to go crazy if I don’t vote for [Brendon].”

“I bought an eviction dress and I would be so mad if I got evicted and I didn’t get to wear that dress,” Jordan said of her main concern about being blindsided.

And even though Brenchel at one point seemed to be getting some votes – with “sketchy” Shelly, Porsche and Adam leaning towards keeping Brendon – Rachel still freaked out, asking Brendon to take back his wedding proposal.

“You can’t marry me. I’m crazy,” Rachel told him in the understatement of the year. “I ruin everything! When I get out of this house people are going to hate me even more. I’m never going to be able to get a job.”

But perhaps the buxom redhead had more reason to be upset that viewers were led to believe because once the live voting began, it was clear that Brendon was going home with only Porsche and Rachel voting to keep him.

And while half of “America’s Couple” remained in the house, Jeff pointed out one downside to getting rid of the saner half of Brenchel.

“When there’s no Brendon in this house and she’s whining … I’m going to rip my hair out,” he said.

After Brenchel’s long kiss goodbye, the houseguests gathered by the back door eager to begin the Head of Household competition, but first Julie Chen – dressed as a space flight attendant – called them back to the couches to drop another bombshell.

“Be careful how you play the game this week,” she warned. “The next houseguest to be evicted will have a chance to get back in the game.”

Actually, that houseguest will have more than a “chance,” they will have a 50-50 shot of returning when they compete head-to-head with a formerly evicted houseguest picked by America.

After a quick commercial break, the houseguests competed one-on-one in a trivia game that ended with Kalia crying uncontrollably like she’d won an Oscars as she was crowned Head of Household.

And while she and Daniele played Mean Girls in the HoH room, Rachel announced, “Nobody cares about anyone in this game but themselves.”

So whom will Kalia nominate?

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