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Big Brother: Shelly Has Her Happiest Day – in Solitary Confinement

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Getting off the block is normally the nominees’ first priority – but not on Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother!

“The fact that I am on the block this week is the least of my worries,” Shelly said, still reeling from the “lies” Rachel told about her earlier in the week.

Further pushing Shelly’s fears aside was Daniele’s claim that she and fellow nominee Adam were not her targets this week.

“As long as you’re not lying to me, we’re golden,” Shelly told Daniele, forgetting that gold can tarnish quickly in the Big Brother House.

“[The current nominations] keep my options open,” Daniele confessed in the diary room.

But first, Jordan called a house meeting to deal with the fact that Shelly told her that Porsche told her that Rachel told her that Shelly wanted a final three deal with Brenchel.

“I don’t want to get in to this,” Brendon said when asked to defend his fiancée’s “honesty.”

“Squinting and glinting at me, it’s not going to work,” Shelly told Rachel of her signature vampire-like glares.

But Shelly had nothing to worry about – no one in the house thought Rachel was trustworthy to begin with.

“I know she’s a liar,” Jeff said. “I just put on a happy face.”

But going in to the Veto competition, emotions were still high.

“If Shelly wins she is going to take that veto and beat Rachel in the face with it,” Daniele said after the six players were chosen, leaving Brenchel on the sidelines.

Porsche – who is giving host Julie Chen a run for her money – was selected to host the competition.

“I feel like the stars are aligned. This might be the perfect opportunity to backdoor Brendon,” Daniele said.

And after begging Jeff and Daniele to let him win, Adam won his first competition.

“For all you doubters, I did it,” Adam said of winning … a competition the other houseguests threw.

During the competition, Jordan “won” 24 hours of solitary confinement (a phrase Jordan seemed hard-pressed to read aloud) and was brought to tears when it was revealed that she would also receive a phone call from home.

But after realizing what the phone call would mean to Shelly, Jordan relinquished her prize and ended up having to wear a “humilitard” that made her look, as Jeff put it, “just as cute as a stupid little button.”

“This by far is my happiest day in here ever,” Shelly said of her confinement, declaring her preference to spend a day with only bread, water, slop and a portable toilet over hanging out with her other houseguests.

Eventually Shelly escaped from her loony-bin vacation just in time for Adam to take himself off the block, leaving Daniele to nominate a replacement.

Taking the opportunity to nominate a “zombie who we keep trying to kill that just won’t die,” Daniele put Brendon on the block.

And while most houseguests have multiple reasons to vote Brendon out, Shelly still plans on campaigning going into Thursday’s live eviction.

“You can’t put anything past Brendon and Rachel,” she said. “They’ll lie, they’ll cheat, they’ll scheme. They’ll probably promise their firstborn to whoever votes to keep Brendon in the house.”