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Patrick Gomez
August 26, 2011 09:00 AM

The houseguests were prepared for an eviction on Thursday’s Big Brother, but they quickly learned that two people would be leaving the house on the live show.

On Sunday, in an attempt to backdoor Daniele, HoH “Big Jeff” put her on the block next to her ally, Kalia. Jeff assumed his alliance would vote the way he wanted, but with the end in sight, the rest of the house was getting worried about Jeff and Jordan’s chances at winning the game.

“We can’t beat Jeff and Jordan unless we split them up,” Sketchy Shelly told Adam. “If we work a deal with Dani, we have a good chance of getting [to the end].”

But Adam wasn’t willing to “risk my bond with Jeff and Jordan,” so Shelly saddled her shady self up next to Rachel, “the person I least likely want to work with.”

“As much as I hate her guts, keeping Daniele just might be the better game move,” Rachel said.

And so, going in to the eviction, host Julie Chen announced that Jeff was irate after learning that Shelly had switched sides. But she was the only one, so Daniele was still sent packing.

Then the fun really started as the houseguests prepared to play an entire week of Big Brother in one night – and what a night it was.

The HoH competition started things off with a nail biter that came down to Jordan and Kalia, who went from nominee minutes earlier to having just one commercial break to decide on who to put on the block.

After a quick huddle with Porsche and Shelly – the only two people who voted to evict her! – Kalia decided to “stick to my word” and nominated Rachel and Jeff.

Next came the veto competition where the houseguests had to find two clown shoes in a ball pit.

While Kalia “could not find a shoe to save my life,” it didn’t matter because Porsche was able to bring home the win for her alliance – her first solo win all season.

“You have nice hair, too,” Jeff told Porsche, echoing her veto plea to him the week before.

But the compliment fell on deaf ears. Porsche kept the nominations the same because “it’s what Daniele would have wanted,” she said.

Jeff tried his best to win Shelly’s vote by asking for her “respect,” but in a tearful diary room vote she claimed he “stands between [me and the win] for my family.”

The tied vote – Adam voted with Jordan to save her boyfriend – was broken by Kalia who ultimately decided to vote out Jeff.

“I played hard, I made strong moves,” Jeff told the Chenbot after being evicted. “A couple of people who slept until now – it’s day 55 – they just woke up in there and won a couple of competitions. What are you going to do?”

The “sleeping” dragons of Daniele’s army have been awoken and Jeff was the one who got burned.

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