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Big Brother's New Cast – and a Twist! – Revealed

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Big Brother is back for season 13 – and Julie Chen is providing America with some “Double Trouble.”

Along with eight new house guests, iconic “dynamic duos” from past seasons – will it be Jeff and Jordan? Mike and Will? Brendan and Rachel? – will return to the show.

The returning pairs will not be announced until the premiere on July 7, but PEOPLE spoke with the eight new “hamsters” to find out how they plan on surviving a summer in the Big Brother house to win the $500,000 prize.

Shelly Moore: Outdoors industry exec, Moore, 41, has learned how to survive in a man’s world. “Look like a lady, act like a man, work like a dog,” she says. This former college homecoming queen now lives in Prairieville, La., with her husband and 8-year-old daughter – and the whole family loves Big Brother.

Dominic Briones: A pre-med student, model and “momma’s boy,” Briones, 25, still lives with his parents in the California Bay area. “I’ve never had roommates at all. As far as the living conditions, I am the worst candidate ever,” says the self-proclaimed neat freak.

Cassi Colvin: This Dallas-area native and model, 26, is more than just a beautiful face. Colvin spent most of high school in a small community of honors class students and graduated a year early. “When I started modeling most kids didn’t get to know me and everyone assumed I was terrible,” she says.

Kalia Booker: The journalist and "Sex and the City-like" blogger, 30, says, “As a writer you’re really observant and you learn how to read people.” Booker, who now lives near Los Angeles, wants to represent a “different type of black woman” on the show.

Lawon Exum: Big Brother has always been on this legal file clerk’s to-do list. The Illinois native, who applied as an early 40th birthday present to himself, plans on using his fashion sense, afro wig, novelty glasses and booming laugh to win over his housemates.

Adam Poch: This self-described “heavy-metal teddy bear” loves the CW’s 90210 almost as much as Big Brother. “They may see the heavy metal part but not the teddy bear,” says the New Jersey native, 39, who lost 100 lbs. to become a stronger competitor.

Keith Henderson: This devout Christian’s winning plan is “to partner up with three beautiful women” – they’re going to be ‘Keith’s Angels,’ ” says Henderson, 32, who’s also looking for a show-mance. “I’m a butt man,” he adds. “She has to look like she has honey dripping off her when she walks.”

Porche Briggs: This Miami Beach cocktail waitress plans to use powers of persuasion to save herself from eviction. “If I can convince someone to spend $14,000 on a bottle of champagne, I’m sure I can convince them not to eliminate me,” says Briggs, 23. She is open to a show-mance, but not hooking up on camera. “My dad will be watching,” she says.