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Bethenny Frankel s Baby Won t Be a Reality Star

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Brian Doben

Though Bethenny Frankel has made her mark in the entertaining world of reality shows, her daughter will not be following in her footsteps if she has anything to do with it. In fact, she calls the idea traumatizing.

So what will the new mom do if Brynn, who was born in May, grows up and tells her she wants to be on a reality show?

I will kill somebody, Frankel said jokingly at the East Harlem Target store opening Tuesday. Not her, but I will kill somebody.

Frankel did say it depended what kind of reality show it was, pondering the idea of a show like Bethenny Getting Married?, where she says you re supposed to be really, totally honest and be yourself. But then she quickly dismissed the idea all together, hoping that it is something she will never have to worry about.

By the time she grows up, said Frankel, there won t be even be reality shows. That may be wishful thinking but for now Frankel s just enjoying life at home where reality show drama has been replaced with Pampers and pampering by husband Jason Hoppy.

He always sends me flowers, writes me cards, tells me he loves me and wants to snuggle with me, says Frankel. He has exceeded my expectations as a father, and they were pretty high expectations.

And Hoppy isn t the only one in the house who likes to snuggle. Frankel says Brynn, who has recently begun to smile, now clings to her and holds on to her hair for dear life. –Maria Qualtere