Diana Pearl
December 07, 2016 12:11 PM

Prepare for the tears: Holiday commercials are here.

Every year, advertisers manage to make us experience a year’s worth of emotions in a number of 30-second spots, whether it’s joy, sadness, or just simple Christmas spirit.

Here’s a few commercials that already have us reaching for the tissue box.

Allegro’s English for Beginners
From Polish company Allegro, the three-minute-long ad features an older Polish man trying to learn English … for an incredibly touching reason. Prepare to bawl uncontrollably.

Apple’s Frankie’s Holiday
The sweet spot stars Brad Garrett as Frankenstein’s monster, who, alone by the town Christmas tree, begins singing a carol. While the crowd of townspeople surrounding him are shocked and frightened at first — he’s truly horrific looking — everyone eventually joins him in song, and we promise we’re not crying.

John Lewis’s Buster the Boxer
If you want an advertisement that will make people cry, just add a puppy. This ad shows a number of animals discovering the joy of a trampoline, and Buster the Boxer seems to love it the most of all — even more so than the child it’s intended for.

Temptations’ Kitty Christmas
Who can resist a bunch of cats going to town on an elaborate Christmas display? And who can blame them — it’s sensory overload!

Heathrow Airport’s Adorable Teddy Bears
You know the scene in Love Actually in the arrivals terminal at Heathrow, where everyone’s smiling, happy and with the people they love? This commercial is that scene, but with teddy bears. Read: It couldn’t be cuter.

Target’s Collection of Everything on Your Christmas List
Experience Christmas through the eyes of an excited child — and a bulls-eyed dog.

Tiffany’s Glittering New York Holiday
Beautiful people? Check. A snowy New York City? Check. Lots and lots of diamonds? Check.

Lexus’s Plea to Santa
Santa may stop visiting once you graduate middle school, but these parents try to bend the rules to snag a Lexus from Santa.

Comcast Xfinity’s Grandparents Reading Mean Tweets
In Comcast’s Christmas ad, grandparents decide to upgrade their technology after reading their grandkids’ tweets lamenting their lack of Netflix and cable. Never has spending Christmas on your phone been so welcome by your Grandma.

Waitrose’s Robin’s Journey Home for Christmas
Getting home for Christmas, through storms, snow and sleet, isn’t an easy task. Especially if you’re a little Robin. But in Waitrose’s ad, this bird does just that — against all odds — to enjoy the little pie left out by a friend.

eBay’s Gift Opening Through the Eyes of a Child
Reminding us all why it’s better to give than receive is this eBay commercial, which shows a little girl psyched opening up a Barbie doll.

Amazon’s Heartwarming Shutdown of Islamophobia
Even Scrooge would have a hard time to keep from shedding a tear at this Amazon Prime commercial, which shows a Christian and Muslim man getting each other the exact same gift — and reminding us all what’s important this holiday season (and all year ’round!).

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