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June 02, 2009 12:00 AM

Tempers flared, accusations flew and romance blossomed as Jillian Harris continued her search for someone to grow old with and sent three more suitors packing on The Bachelorette.

Higher Love: One thing Jillian learned from her Jason fiasco is that she finds chopper rides exhilarating. So for her first individual date this week she took Ed up and away to downtown L.A. where they then slowly (emphasis on slowly) zip-lined from the top of a skyscraper. Ed, whom she referred to as bulky (Is that a compliment in Canada?), looked like he might pee his pants but manned up and impressed Jillian, who is big on adrenaline and cheesy “leap of faith” symbolism. They cuddled, kissed and connected in the pool, but it got dicey when Ed admitted to having a hard time balancing work and play while eating dinner on the roof. Luckily for Ed, his physical resemblance to Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Craig Bierko and ease of conversation saved him.

The Magnificent Eleven: Jillian took 11 men to a Wild West set where they suited up in cowboy costumes and filmed scenes to see how well they rolled with it. Foot Fetish (aka Tanner P.) looked ridiculous in the Flintstone-esque fur chaps but he should be thankful that he, unlike Mike and Michael, wasn’t assigned the Brokeback Mountain skit. The boys were a tad junior high about the whole thing, but played along. Brad got the first scripted kiss, and he thought it was an “ultra-badass” peck. The others disagreed. Michael critiqued, “It was one of the most awkward things I have seen two humans do together.” Foot Fetish added, “It looked like he was kissing his sister. It was the worst kiss I’ve seen since 1988.” Robby’s admitted dry spell came to an end when he planted a wet one on her. It was the day’s only buss with any real palpable chemistry, which is probably why he left with the rose.

Po-Wes-Sive: Just like with Jason’s soap opera smooches last season, the lip service left contestants jealous and irritable. But it was no excuse for Wes to lead her by the hand like a naughty toddler to a side street to discuss his desire to “start weeding these guys out fast.” The other guys sensed he’s there to sell CDs, but Jillian had blinders on. She even called his possessiveness sweet and got all spazzy when he serenaded her Romeo-style.

Foot-In-Mouth Moment: Foot Fetish fantasized about putting Jillian’s feet in his mouth, but settled for rubbing her toes all over his face while in the hot tub with 10 onlookers. Jillian egged him on at the elimination pre-party by placing her feet in his lap and that’s when things got really weird for more than a minute. He did a toe-suck shimmy, could barely complete a sentence and discussed his desire to tweeze her piggly wigglies. He makes dental hygiene Shannon look normal and yet he lives to digit worship another week.

Fast & Furious: Somebody didn’t do their research as Sasha’s solo took place at the automotive museum and included a spin in a Ferrari despite the fact that he almost died as a teen in a horrible car accident. To add insult to injury, he was not given a key to her castle because he admitted he had never been in love or heartbroken, and Jillian worried that she wouldn’t live up to his idealized version of marriage. A city bus may very well be the coldest kickoff transportation the show’s ever utilized.

Cocktail Dout: Rage-aholic Dave mostly contained his red-flag behavior (i.e. threatening to kill Juan) around Jillian. It’s hard to see what she sees in this tool. Just as he was about to rat out Juan, the devil butted in and Dave’s simmer climbed to a boil as he downed drink after drink. His comments got meaner, his eyes buggier and everyone was a target. He barked at Jeffrey Dean Bierko, who was on his side, and badgered Mark about not calling Juan out to Jillian even though Dave feared telling her would make him look like a jerk. Inevitably, Juan walked into the line of fire and impressively remained calm and cool throughout Dave’s “cheese-a–” tirade and Robby’s secondary put-down.

Deflower Power: Host Chris Harrison pulled Jillian away seconds before someone could fill her in on the Dave-Juan drama. She kept both, so prepare for fireworks again next week. She didn’t give blooms to the less creepy Tanner (“She’s missing out on someone who would be her best friend. A song’s not going to make the relationship.”) or Brad (“I plan on being a drifter. I don’t think anybody can relate to me.”) – Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think Juan and Wes are faking it? Should Dave be allowed to stay with his anger management issues? Which man impressed you most this week?

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