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The Bachelor's AshLee Frazier Questions Tierra LiCausi's Engagement

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Kevin Foley/ABC(2)

The news of The Bachelor contestant Tierra LiCausi’s engagement to a pre-Sean Lowe boyfriend doesn’t come as a shock to her on-screen sparring partner AshLee Frazier.

“If it is true, no, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s Tierra,” AshLee, 32, told reporters Thursday during a conference call from her home in Houston, Texas, adding that her nemesis could always be counted on to add fireworks and shock value to any situation. “It’s like, let’s keep it going, right? She’s very dramatic.”

AshLee, who is still in the running for the final rose, isn’t allowed to talk to other contestants, so she hasn’t buried the hatchet with Tierra or talked to her about the engagement. But based on her experiences with the controversial contestant, AshLee says the new ring on Tierra’s finger may not be a symbol of true love.

“If she is [engaged], I wish her all the best but it may just be a hoax. Who knows? You know how rumors are,” she says. “With Tierra, we can’t really put too much past her. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case.”

Before things turned sour, AshLee had an amicable rapport with Tierra, but she doesn’t recall her ever mentioning an important ex-boyfriend or a relationship that was engagement adjacent. Though that could be what she meant when she yelled during one of her "Tierra-trums" that she could easily be engaged if she wanted.

“I don’t really know any details and I don’t really know who it is [she’s engaged to], so I don’t if it is someone she talked to me about or not,” said AshLee, adding that Tierra didn’t really hang much with the other ladies. “We all tried to get along with her. At one point or another, I would say if not all, the majority of the girls individually reached out to try and build a relationship with her and she didn’t want any part of it.”