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Bachelor Party! What Jake Pavelka, Bob Guiney and Andrew Firestone Are Up To

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Jeff Minton

Adjusting to life after being the Bachelor can be a challenge. Just ask the men themselves.

“I tell all the girls I meet: Just know, I won’t be airlifting you to the top of a glacier on our first date,” says former franchise star Bob Guiney, 42. Joined by Andrew Firestone, 37, and Jake Pavelka, 35, at a March photo shoot for PEOPLE’s special issue celebrating 25 seasons of The Bachelor, three of the show’s biggest stars hammed it up – and shared the inside dish on the roses, romances and, yes, hot tubs, that made their seasons so very special.

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Jake: My biggest regret was doing the TV interview about my breakup with Vienna [Girardi].
Bob: I felt bad for you watching that special. For me, I cringe whenever I see myself in the hot tub.
Andrew: I was in a hot tub every episode. And I’m built for deep-sea diving, not hot tubs! I don’t have the Jake Pavelka abs.
Bob: Andrew and I are the dinosaurs. We were pre-six-pack.
Jake: The hardest part for me were the rose ceremonies.
Andrew: I’m so deathly allergic to roses now – they give me hives!
Jake: Now I give daisies.
Bob: I give tulips …
Andrew: Isn’t that what you give at funerals?
Bob: Congratulations. You fell in love with me. Here are your tulips!