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September 06, 2011 03:00 PM

Brilliant. That’s the first word that comes to mind when describing Graham and Michelle’s “Nearlywed” challenge strategy on this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad.

In true “work smarter, not harder” fashion, these two devised a simple plan that consisted of “seven, Michael, Holly.” And that, friends, is how you turn three simple responses into two powerful red roses. However, immunity is only part one and this happens to be a two-part victory.

In addition to securing their spot in the Bachelor Pad for another week, Graham and Michelle also managed to navigate another potentially emotional and tormenting challenge without giving up any real information about their personal lives and more importantly without offending any of their fellow housemates. Deciding to give canned responses based on the type of question as opposed to the content of the question turned out to be the perfect strategy.

We both jumped back when we heard Graham respond with “Mike” as the most likely to cheat. Michael is one of the most loyal and trusting people we know. We also know that Graham and Michael became good friends while in the Bachelor Pad. It all made sense once we realized it was Michelle and Graham’s strategy and “Mike” also would have been the response to a “most unlikely to cheat” question. Together we let out a sigh of relief and actually applauded Graham and Michelle’s savvy.

We walked away from last year’s Bachelor Pad with a new relationship. This year we’re enjoying watching others explore possible new relationships. Michelle and Graham are two great people that are playing this game with class and dignity. It’s nice to watch what seems to be a true romance forming.

Another quality couple moving up in the game – and continuing to carry a spark with one another – are Kirk and Ella. These two are fighters in life and in this game. Control has seemed to be out of their hands since they walked into the mansion as they were both “outsiders,” but as they have created a bond and established trust with each other they have been able to fight through to this point. Kirk is also a bonus for us television viewers as the guy is hilarious, always having something clever to say in his interviews. Thanks for the laughs, Kirk.

How could we not mention Blake and Erica’s date? Oh, to be a fly on the wall. Erica is a persistent woman, always backing up her case. She’ll probably make a good lawyer once she finishes law school. The date took these two to an old mission but Erica just wouldn’t stop at “no” with Blake as she was on a mission of her own for the evening.

It looks like that target on Blake’s back had room for two as Erica joined him in departing the Bachelor Pad mansion. They even had held a little piece of power (two roses to save another couple) and ultimately chose to pass their fate off into the hands of Kasey who unfortunately overestimated his own power over the alliances around him. As Graham quickly gave Michael his word in how he was going to vote, you see the deeper loyalties taking place. Loyalty is the foundation to the true alliances that will end up going all the way to the end.

Next stop Vegas! We can’t wait for next week’s finale.

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