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Carrie Bell
September 14, 2010 08:00 AM

After going topless, wearing a mantard, enduring sloppy seconds in a kissing contest, bunk beds and a truckload of trash talk, David Good and Natalie Getz, have been named the winners of Bachelor Pad‘s $250,000 prize.

“It feels fantastic and surreal to be a hundred-thousandaire. I hope I wake up tomorrow and it’s still real,” says Good, an entrepreneur from Dayton, Ohio, who feared for his chances when it came down to a vote by the contestants he had a hand in eliminating. “I thought we played the game well, but I was sweating it.”

Getz, currently a L.A. bartender, was also worried. “I could see my heart beating. It was a 50-50 shot,” she tells PEOPLE. “I kept doing the vote in my head trying to figure out who were our friends, but you don’t know what people would base their vote on.”

One reason they thought they’d lose was that their competition, Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn, were two of the Bachelor franchise’s nicest alums. “No one wants to see them lose. They are awesome, sweet people. It isn’t an act. They really do poop rainbows and smiley faces,” said Good, 28, who plans to use his winnings to promote his upcoming book, The Man Code, and finance a fun day for his hometown’s military families. Getz, 28, added, “They found love on the show. They’re the perfect couple. Everyone likes a happy ending.”

After the vote, the dating duo was separated and had to choose whether to share or keep the money. If one picked keep, the money was theirs alone. Two keeps meant the prize would have been divided among the castoffs, but they ultimately both chose to share. “I feel pretty lucky sharing this with one of my best friends,” said Getz, who will use her half to pay off student loans, start a prostate cancer charity in honor of her dad, a survivor, and get a styling business off the ground. “I may end up with the money and the guy,” she says. “I’m just glad I didn’t win when I was 21 and would have blown it shopping.”

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