Craig Sjodin/ABC
People Staff
September 12, 2011 02:20 PM

At this point, there seems to be more baggage than contestants in the Bachelor Pad house.

The four remaining couples – Vienna and Kasey, Michelle and Graham, Holly and Michael, and Ella and Kirk – each have their own unique histories, strategies, and, naturally, drama, which should add up to fireworks on Monday night’s finale.

Masterminds from the start, real-life couple Vienna and Kasey have been able to influence other contestants since they all moved in together, but their arguing and manipulation could get the best of them.

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The budding romance between Michelle and Graham, not to mention their strategic thinking could help them go far in the homestretch.

Former couple Holly and Michael found themselves in a love triangle with Blake for most of the season (and Holly is now engaged to Blake, PEOPLE has learned) so their romantic status could play a role in how well they play the remainder of the game.

Finally, Ella and Kirk have teamed up with one another, and their personal stories could win them votes: Ella (like Michelle) is a single mom, so the prize money would be a big help for her family, while Kirk battled a long, drawn-out illness while in college that’s garnered him sympathy among the housemates

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