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Bachelor Pad: Ed Swiderski Feels Betrayed by Reid Rosenthal

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Chuck Sjordin/ABC

Ed Swiderski spent the first two Bachelor Pad episodes drinking, belching, swimming naked, hooking up loudly and making Chris Harrison’s eyes roll.

But being in the bottom two was a giant wakeup call for Jillian Harris’s former flame, 33, who declared during a conference call that playtime is over and Reid, who is consipiring against him (watch a clip of Monday’s episode below), better watch out.

Were you really sweating bullets about being voted off?
Every bone in my body thought that I was going home. It was the weirdest feeling ever because [while] it sounds egotistical, I never felt that way on The Bachelorette. I was shocked. I thought these people were trustworthy. I packed my bags and didn’t want to be there thinking, “Maybe this isn’t the right place for me.”

Did the close call make you change your strategy?
It’s a turning point for me. I go from having fun to realizing that I could actually go pretty far and win money. This is where I start taking it seriously. The [next] challenge is tough and absolutely demoralizing, but I needed to step up my game or I was going home.

Were you shocked to learn that Reid was gunning for you?
Definitely surprised that Reid brought up this baggage and old business from years ago because we’ve remained friends. I didn’t know this was happening behind my back until just before the rose ceremony. At that point, I was pissed and wanted him gone.

Is it revenge time?
I’m not one to contrive this huge plan to take out people, but everyone else was telling me, “We want to get rid of Reid because of what he did to you.” I respect him for playing the game, but he made some bad moves early on and lost my trust. Expect a big blowout.

Will you forgive him when the show is over?
It’s a game and he’s a great guy. The minute I got home, [we] chatted and it was water under the bridge. We’re probably going to remain friends for a long time.