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January 04, 2010 12:00 AM

Even a dozen roses couldn’t create a first impression quite like seeing a guy rotate before you on a conveyor belt. Hence the ABC special Conveyor Belt of Love, which premieres after The Bachelor tonight (10 p.m. EST) on ABC.

“A conveyor belt with guys coming out? Come on, you’ve got to watch!” says executive producer Tom Shelly with a laugh. In the hour-long show, five women watch as 30 men are given a 60-second window to impress them while rotating on a belt. Men are picked off the belt, swapped and passed along until each woman has a date for the evening.

“This is a spin on speed dating,” Shelly says, “and in speed dating you’ve got just a limited amount of time to sell yourself and what makes this more fun and even funny is that the power is completely in the women’s hands. They get to sit back and just listen to these guys do their 60-second pitch and the pressure is on! Some guys use the idea of being funny, other guys will use poetry, some will sing and we’ve got who will do magic — all kinds of things!”

And how was 60 seconds the right time for a conveyor pass? “We did have to test the speed of the belt,” Shelly says, “because it could go as fast as we wanted it to and as slow as we wanted it to and we didn’t want the guys flying off the end or have it come to a screeching halt in the middle of the stage. We tested it until we came at a decent clip to impress the girls. They see their feet first, then their legs, then their knees, then their body and then their faces are revealed last. It was just the right speed to give them that anticipation but was safe for the guys.”

After the belt portion of the night, the five women go out on dates with their chosen men. Shelly won’t say if any contestants found love but teases, “I can say it’s very possible some connections were made.” — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Is this a good way to get a date? Would you watch a conveyor belt of guys pass you by?Patrick Wymore/ABC

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