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Are We in for Another Dancing Shocker?

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If we learned anything from last week, it’s this: ya gotta vote, because no one, clearly, is a shoo-in at this stage of the competition. But after last night’s Dancing with the Stars, who to vote for . . .

Helio and Julianne–Their first-round Tango was met with a 25, but their round-two Samba earned raves from the judges, and more importantly, a 27-point score. Is there any way they won’t advance to next week?

Marie and Jonathan–Their first dance, the Quickstep, earned a 28 from the judges, which made Osmond especially happy since her WWII-inspired dance was a tribute to her parents. For the second round’s Cha Cha Cha, the duo received a 24 from the judges, but, on the heels of last week’s ouster of judges’ fave Sabrina Bryan, can we trust that fans were moved enough to keep the pair out of the bottom two on tonight’s results show? Mel and Maks–The judges were not impressed with Mel B.’s first performance, awarding a 24 to her Fox Trot. For the follow-up number, she and Maks performed a saucy Paso Doble–make that a scorchin’ Paso Doble–and earned a well-deserved perfect score, 30. That makes the second week in a row Mel B. and Maks have wowed the judges, and who didn’t love their tribute to Bryan with the temp cheetah paw tattoos?

Jane and Tony– Seymour, coming back from last week’s case of food poisoning, was also emotional about her performance, as she danced the Quickstep to “Walk the Line,” the signature tune for her good friend, the late country music legend, Johnny Cash. The judges weren’t as touched by the dance, giving her and Tony a 24. Round two’s Cha Cha Cha brought a little more approval from the panel, and a better score: 26.

Jennie and Derek–Judge Bruno told Garth she looked like a “water nymph in a magic lake” for her first round Viennese Waltz, but her score for the dance totaled 25. For round two’s Rumba, Bruno said it was Garth’s best performance of the competition, and this time the score reflected the praise: 28. The partners have yet to find themselves in the bottom two on results night . . . will that trend continue?

Cameron and Edyta–Are the All My Children star and his partner doomed to be in the bottom two for the second consecutive week? Judges gave them a 24 for their first-round Viennese Waltz, but their second round Jive was a lively crowd pleaser, and, as it turned out, judge pleaser, winning a 27-point score. Good enough to move on?

Someone has to leave tomorrow night; so tell us: Who do you think it’s going to be? –Kimberly Potts