Craig Sjodin/ABC
Wade Rouse
October 30, 2013 12:00 PM

Bert and Ernie. Joey and Chandler. TV land is brimming with memorable bromances.

But were Cory and Shawn from Boy Meets World the best ever?

In this behind-the-scenes look at the show, the duo certainly give things a good shot.

“Sean and Cory have true bromance,” says one of the talking heads in the clip. “They started it all.”

Ben Savage, 33, and the recently married Rider Strong, also 33, played the boyhood BFFs who grew up into young adults and stayed friends through thick and thin.

“We’ve had those moments where, like when Cory was getting married to Topanga” – played by Danielle Fishel – “and Shawn gets really upset, like he’s losing his best friend,” says another superfan in the video.

Here’s hoping their bromance – and secret handshake – continues on Girl Meets World, the highly anticipated spin-off of the ’90s hit that will premiere in 2014 on the Disney Channel.

Boy Meets World: The Complete Collection DVD is available Nov. 5.

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