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Julia Haskins
November 28, 2012 03:00 PM

Andy Cohen may be a seasoned host on Bravo, but on the harbor he’s definitely a bit of a fish out of water.

In a sneak peek of Tom Colicchio’s Hooked Up, Cohen guest stars and catches his first big one on a fishing trip in New York Harbor.

This is one set up that’s hardly smooth sailing. From the initial look of disgust on Cohen’s face when talking about worms and his self-proclaimed title of “Jewish Adventurist,” the episode is filled with laugh-out-loud moments. Even the Top Chef judge pulls one over on Cohen with a less-than-appropriate outfit for his novice guest.

The ever tongue-in-cheek Cohen also turns the day of fishing into a friendly competition, asking whose catch will be bigger – his or Colicchio’s.

Find out when the episode premieres Nov. 29 on YouTube’s RESERVE CHANNEL.

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