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Carrie Bell
August 17, 2011 12:05 PM

In less than a New York minute, three Manhattan residents – Ames Brown, Jackie Gordon and Gia Allemand – were out of the running for the $250,000 prize on Monday’s episode of Bachelor Pad. The trio discussed their dramatic and romantic exits, backstabbing in the house and the Jake-Kasey-Vienna triangle.

Gia, this is your second Bachelor Pad stint. How did it compare?
Gia: This was 100 times crazier. Last year, you knew who you could trust and what sides there were. This time people you thought were your friends would go behind your back and talk bad about you.

Jackie, were you more surprised by your elimination or Ames leaving to be with you?
Jackie: It wasn’t a shock I was eliminated. I hadn’t had my head in the game for quite some time. I was pretty surprised that he eliminated himself to accompany me in the limo. It was a very sweet moment.
Ames: We weren’t expecting Kasey and Vienna to turn on us. They had given us their word.

Why do people cower to Kasey and Vienna when they could simply band together and vote one of them off?
Gia: Not one person understood that. They have so much fear of leaving that they put their fate in the hands of the two most vocal people.
Jackie: People are more afraid of them than anything else. They exude this sense of power. It’s unfortunate people, including myself, didn’t speak up more.
Gia: Kasey and Vienna had a huge advantage living in L.A. and going to the reunions. They formed alliances weeks before the show.

Gia, have you forgiven Graham for tattling to Kasey?
Gia: I forgave him, but don’t think we’re going to be as close as we were. I was extremely shocked at what Graham did to me after hours of talking and catching up. I was heartbroken.

Why give up and leave?
Gia: It was a buildup of things, but having Graham, who I thought was my really good friend do that, put me over the edge. The money wasn’t worth [it]. I was happy to get out of there on my own terms.

Knowing that Kasey and Vienna are in the power position, why honor the brief alliance you made with him week one?
Gia: I try to be real and honest and not let money get in the way of that. If I would have voted Kasey, it may have gotten me farther in the game but I’d have to sleep at night knowing I was dishonest.

Did you and Vienna make up?
Gia: I never received an apology from her. We were adults to one another in the house. I wouldn’t call Vienna my friend. If I saw her, I’d say hello but that’s the extent of what her and I will ever be. Kasey’s a good person. I feel bad that we don’t have the relationship we once had.

Was Jake honestly trying to extend an olive branch to Vienna?
Gia: As much as I didn’t agree with giving her the rose, I understand it. To him, it meant, “I’m sorry. Can we be friends? Can you stop telling everyone to hate me?” Vienna had rallied people for weeks before the show and got everyone to think Jake was a monster. His strategy didn’t work. He’s genuinely one of the best people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. I’m proud to say I’m his friend.
Jackie: I too can only say wonderful things about Jake. I was skeptical. Vienna made a strong case against him. But once I got to know him, I realized his intentions are pure and he wants to make amends with Vienna.

Who do you hope wins?
Jackie: Ella. She’s a great girl with a great reason to be there. Her intentions to provide for her son are very pure.
Gia: Jake.
Ames: I was too consumed with Jackie to notice anyone else.

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