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July 30, 2009 12:00 AM

After two days at the Palms Hotel, the Las Vegas verdicts wrapped up on America’s Got Talent on Wednesday and an idea of what it will take to win emerged as the final 40 acts were picked for the next round of competition. Before Simon Cowell called up via cell phone to tell the judges that he had some changes for the top acts, this is what the America’s talent looked like:

It’s on wheels: In a dance-off between three similar dance groups, the roller skaters — BreakSk8 — beat out the flat-footed dancers.

It’s bold: David Hasselhoff wondered whether acrobatic act Paradizo Dance, who featured women lifting men, could keep up the pace for an hour show. But they stuck to their weirdness, with lightning bolts on their faces, and made the cut.

It’s energetic: When two dance troupes — Ishaara, FootworkKINGz — were picked by Piers Morgan, they burst into spontaneous fits of dancing around the stage, which made for a great show.

It’s a solo act: After his backup singers, The Serenades, weighed him down so badly that he was almost eliminated, singer Marcus Terrell had the choice to dump his team and move on or wallow in the losers’ pile with them. He let them go.

It’s elegant: While talented kid acts have been dropping like flies, Voices of Glory (three kids who powered through “God Bless America”) is “really” deserving of making it to the next stage, the Hoff says. What makes them different? A subtle air of professional elegance.

They’re lucky: The 62-year-old dancer, Carol Lugo, somehow made it past countless contenders though she is doing something mostly anyone could do. –Nicholas White

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