Tim Nudd and Patrick Gomez
May 17, 2012 11:40 AM

All three wowed America on Wednesday. Only two will move on Thursday night.

Not that Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez seem too concerned about that. While it may indeed be the closest American Idol race ever, the three remaining competitors are a tight group – and they appear to be as happy for each other as for themselves.

“I want to win, but at this point we’re all winners,” Ledet told PEOPLE after Wednesday’s show. “I’m not gonna say I don’t care, but I will be just as happy about me winning or two of my friends, Phillip or Jessica.”

“It was a crazy night, man,” Phillips said. “Everybody had a great night. Josh sang the house down – he rocked it. And Jessica sang the crap out of all her songs, and I just did something and had fun.”

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Steven Tyler made waves by declaring Sanchez the front-runner. But not even that could dent their camaraderie, she said.

“It didn’t make it awkward at all,” Sanchez said. “Anyone could win at this moment, and I loved hearing that, but America is the one that votes. We’ll see what happens.”

Of Thursday’s elimination show, she added: “I’m a 16-year-old and I could be planning my prom right now, but I’m singing in front of J.Lo, Steven and Randy, and that is the biggest moment of my life. So, I’m not going to get all scared about it.”

Any yet it is a competition – not a love fest.

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