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Heejun Han's Post-American Idol Plans: Household Chores

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He made it to American Idol‘s top nine and got a standing ovation from the judges – only to be sent home last week. So what’s Heejun Han going to do now? Well, it’s not going to be quite the glamorous lifestyle of, say, someone like Jennifer Lopez.

“I have to walk my dog … that’s the first thing that my parents will want me to do,” Heejun, 22, told PEOPLE Monday. “I have to clean the garage, because it’s getting really dirty and I haven’t done it yet for like a year. And I have to clean my room … Wow, talking about it makes me want to cry. Golly, I have so many things to do at home.”

He also has some parting words about his biggest fan on the judges’ panel.

“Jennifer loves me, for sure – obviously, she just can’t get over me,” he said. “I’m pretty sure she’s devastated because I’m here. You know what, Jennifer, your chance will come. Just hold up, hold the phone, stay there, be cool, be a professional. Just relax.”