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Lorenzo Benet
March 31, 2011 01:35 PM

After singing Elton John songs on Wednesday, the American Idol contestants met with reporters to answer questions about getting a makeover (Casey Abrams), singing to grandma (Scotty McCreery), singing the best song of the night (Haley Reinhart) and rumors that the Idol mansion is haunted.

• After almost going home last week, Casey Abrams was told to change everything about his performance – including his look. “I was kind of scared about [getting a makeover],” he said. “I feel like this beard is who I am … I felt like I was a big bear and I wanted to see if I had a face – and I’m happy I do!”

• Scotty McCreery’s performance of Elton John’s “Country Comfort” was dedicated to his grandmother, who was in the audience Wednesday night. “She’s proud of her little boy,” he said. “She’s a long way from home. I don’t think she’s left North Carolina in years. She’s excited to be here and proud of her grandson. She gave me a pep talk last night.”

• Though Haley Reinhart’s been in the bottom more than once, Randy Jackson told her that she gave the best performance of the night with her sultry version of “Bennie and the Jets.” “I was surprised nobody picked [that song]”, she said. “It’s such a crowd pleaser … I was telling my parents about the song, and as I was talking to them in Chicago I heard the song come on. And then I was telling a friend about it and I caught the end of the song. I believe in parallels like that.”

• Naima Adedapo turned “I’m Still Standing” into a reggae jam but Randy called it “corny.” “I know the judges weren’t as happy but I was happy with my performance and got to do what I love to do on stage. Of course, there’s pressure added because the save is gone but I think they used it on the right person so I don’t have the any bad things to say about it.”

• Lauren Alaina explained her song choice of Elton’s “Candle in the Wind.” “It’s talking about Marilyn Monroe and I have a million pictures of her in my room. I love her and she’s beautiful.”

• And several of the contestants, including James Durbin, addressed reports that the Idol mansion is haunted. “I saw a hand,” he said. “I have witnesses. I opened the door of the garage to freak out Pia and I got freaked out. I saw something white that looked like an arm.”

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