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Tim Nudd
January 24, 2013 10:35 AM

It’s a good thing American Horror Story wrapped up its second season Wednesday night. One of its stars, Sarah Paulson, can sleep a little easier now.

“I can’t watch it at night and I’m on it,” the Emmy-nominated actress, 38, tells the Associated Press.

“There are some people who like to be scared and I understand that, but I am not one of those individuals. I like to cozy up with a nice book and a bath and a teddy bear. I am not interested in being terrified before I go to sleep.”

It’s been a breakout year for the FX horror show, and for Paulson personally. One highlight was when Miley Cyrus, a fan of the show, started following Paulson on Twitter. “@MsSarahPaulson I can’t WAIT a whole week until the next episode!” the pop star wrote at one point.

“That was pretty wild,” Paulson tells the Huffington Post. “I think I tweeted her back like, ‘Are you kidding? Did you follow me?’ Miley Cyrus watches American Horror Story? I couldn’t understand.”

Paulson also earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her work on the HBO movie Game Change. She didn’t win, but was still thrilled.

“It’s okay to sit in the Golden Globe room and look around and think, ‘Oh, Helen Mirren’s a loser tonight, so is Nicole Kidman. Meryl Streep lost tonight. Jessica Lange didn’t win.’ If you’re gonna be in the company of losers, that’s the company to be in.”

She adds: “I definitely have felt how wide-reaching this season has been in terms of people who have come up to me in restaurants and in New York, walking down the street. It’s wild.”

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