Alexia Fernandez
May 22, 2017 10:30 PM

Signs of strain in Amber Portwood‘s relationship with fiancé Matt Baier stemmed back months ago.

On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, the 27-year-old mother of one went to Las Vegas with Baier and her friends, Wayne and Annette, with the intent of helping them find a wedding venue for their upcoming nuptials.

Ahead of her own upcoming wedding, Portwood sought Annette’s advice on how to stay and nurture a long-lasting relationship (Annette and Wayne have been together for 32 years).

“I’ve been through so much s— with him,” said Portwood. “It would blow your mind. It’s hard to just forget things. I can forgive things [more] easily than I can forget.”


“I just want me and Matt to be in a place where the trust is completely there, before we get married,” Portwood admitted. “I’m just not there yet. I just feel that if more surprises come out, he’s going to lose something that he’s never going to find again. And that’s a fact.”

Once in Las Vegas, Baier set his eyes on a wedding venue that inspired him to propose elopement to Portwood, but she resisted. “I need Leah here,” she told him.

Telling Baier, 46, that she needed a minute, Portwood quickly called her brother Shawn, and asked him if he’d be angry with her for marrying Baier in Las Vegas without her family present.


Baier didn’t take Portwood’s need for reassurance or advice from family members well, later telling an MTV producer he was “done” with his relationship with Portwood, which cameras recorded.

“I will not marry her now. I will not marry her ever. I’m not gonna let her brother dictate my life,” he said.

In an attempt to calm Baier down, the producer tried to explain, “Amber just wants her family to be there.”


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But he continued his tirade: “She wants to marry her brother. F— her. She just humiliated me on TV. I’m done! Done.”

The drama continued into lunch, when Baier, who was seated with Portwood and her friends, left the table to tell a producer, “I will fake this for the rest of the day. But I am done with her f— psycho ass.”

Despite his assurances to producers that he was ending their relationship, Baier approached Portwood after Annette and Wayne’s wedding and assured her that he wasn’t leaving her after she expressed fears that their relationship could take a turn for the worse in the future.

“If you’re under the impression that I’m going somewhere … you’re wrong, I’m not going anywhere,” he said.

Also on the episode, Maci Bookout expressed her worries that Ryan may be turning back to bad habits after a text message from a friend; Farrah Abraham sought to heal her relationship with her mother, with whom she tried out hypnotherapy; and Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra came up with a clothing line for children.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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