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November 18, 2008 12:00 AM

Terence and Sarah‘s journey on The Amazing Race came to a bitter end Monday when the ultra-competitive New Yorkers, who had been gunning for the top spot through out the race, were thrown off course by a meat-eating stunt and missed the $1 million prize. What’s more, the couple went through “very, very hard times” with their relationship after appearing on the show. Terence and Sarah caught up with PEOPLE after their elimination from the Race to find out how they’re doing as a couple, what that sheep soup tasted like and whether Sarah deserved to be put in that chicken cage. — Nicholas White

What did you learn about each other on the Race?Sarah: I’m completely obsessed with liking me, regardless of the priority in the moment. We were obviously there to win $1 million because we’re both very competitive . At the same time, I could see that I wasn’t playing the game as sneakily as the other teams were. We probably helped too much. Terence: I didn’t realize how intense of an individual I was. I realized that I was short with someone who is wonderful in my life. I was oftentimes very short. The frustrations I took out were on Sarah and were unnecessary. Maybe I should have put the frustration or anger where it deserves to be — towards other teams or myself — versus a person that was just there being a great partner.

Sarah, do you agree? Sarah: This was a new relationship. We had been dating for about four months when we applied and nine months when we went on the Race. We had never been tested in these ways. I learned we deal with stress really differently. We also deal with new differently. I was so focused on making friends and new relationships. Terence was much more focused on the challenge at hand. It was hilarious to watch the show because that wasn’t entirely our experience. I was watching it going, “I can’t believe he made me go in that bird cage.” Terence: Sarah deserved to be in the bird cage. She deserved it. She had it coming!

Were you able to be together after the elimination?Sarah: It was horrible. It was anti-climactic, depressing and we were frustrated and we took it out on each other. Terence dumped all of my belongings in my lobby and returned my key to me and wouldn’t take my phone calls for like a month. Terence: She has a doorman. I didn’t just leave it on the floor. I gave it to the doorman, for the record. Sarah: We definitely went through very, very hard times … But now that we’ve been able to watch the show, we’ve been able to debrief it. We’ve come together as . We recognize that we shared a very special thing together. We haven’t determined exactly where our relationship is heading. Terence: I have. She’s going to propose to me any day now. And we’re going to live happily ever after.

Did the Race hurt your chemistry?Sarah: It was a combination of sleep deprivation, uncertainty, stress — plus, the fact that we were just getting to know each other. We took everything harder than if we might have if we had known each other longer. Because if your brother snaps at you, that’s one thing. But, if your new boyfriend snaps at you, you want to wring his neck.

What did that sheep soup taste like?Terence: Once we got there and saw it was meat, I knew we were in trouble. It was the most repulsive thing ever. Sarah was just like, “Eat the chunks of potatoes.” In the video, it was chunks of fat the size of — Sarah: Bigger than dice. Terence: My mom loved making liver and onions when I was a child. That was disgusting. This was even worse. I don’t think it helped that there were sheep or animal heads on the table, and were picking meat off it and eating it. I didn’t even care about the belly dancers. I literally, physically, could not digest it. The fact that I even remotely compromised my views upsets me slightly.

Who were your favorite and least favorite teams?Terence: We worked with a different team every episode and then they got eliminated. I said in one of the extra videos that we were like the bad luck charm because we became friendly with Anita and Arthur in the jungle and they got eliminated. We started working with Mark and Bill and they got eliminated. We started working with Ty and Aja and then they got eliminated. Sarah: The team that we really didn’t like was Nick and Starr. They’d keep doing these sneaky things and then in the pit stops give these Oscar-worthy apology performances. Terence: They weren’t Oscar-worthy. They were like really pathetic and not even Oscar-worthy. It was horrible. Sarah: They weren’t very good sports. They were kind of arrogant. That was not our approach.

What’s next for you two?Sarah: I left Wall Street and now I’m working in an investment fund that invest in helping get out of poverty around the world … Terence has written a screenplay about his life story and about how running and exercise got him out of some dark places. Terence: I’d written this before the show. It was something that happened for me. That’s why I coach and that’s what makes me happy. Making me happy is not yelling at a beautiful girlfriend or putting her in a birdcage. But every once in a while she does deserve to be in a birdcage. Monty Brinton/CBS

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