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Kate Hogan
May 02, 2011 05:00 PM

When teams kicked off the second-to-last leg of the race with just one dollar in hand, you had to wonder what was going to happen next on The Amazing Race. But a night out in the cold and a search-and-rescue mission isn’t exactly what we had in mind.

Racers were told they were heading for the unknown, and stayed in Zermatt, Switzerland, making their way to the nearby Air Rescue Helicopter Port. There, each pair signed up for a departure time, and then spent the snowy night waiting for the facility to open.

Once it did, Zev and Justin were the first to take off – literally, in a helicopter – and receive their next clue: a Detour called “Search or Rescue.” In Search, teams were given a beacon that was used to locate a training dummy on a windy Swiss glacier. Upon finding that spot, they’d have to dig through snow and ice to find the buried mannequin. In Rescue, racers used a special device to lower one teammate into an icy crevasse on the glacier, finding a stranded mountaineer and lifting him or her to safety.

Zev and Justin chose Search, as did Gary and Mallory. The remaining three teams – Kisha and Jen, the Goths and the Globetrotters – chose Rescue. Though the Search teams found their dummies’ locations almost immediately, actually digging for the mannequins took much longer than expected.

Meanwhile, teams on Rescue seemed to breeze through the challenge, and all finished quickly. Kisha and Jen were first, receiving a clue that directed them to get back on their helicopter, disembark at a ski resort and take a train back to town. As other teams completed their tasks, they found themselves waiting together for an 11:08 a.m. train – though Zev and Justin, still struggling at the Detour, were nowhere to be found.

The four front-running pairs headed to town and arrived at Hotel Le Petit Cervin, where a Roadblock awaited. One person from each team had to create a mold in the likeness of the infamous Travelocity gnome, then fill it with chocolate, chill it, and trade the sweet statue for a clue.

As everyone got working, drama broke out in the kitchen. Flight Time went to grab the completed bottom half of his mold from the fridge, only to realize it was missing. Everyone else had their own pieces, except for Vyxsin, leading teams to believe the pink-haired lady stole his work. Though Big Easy launched into a war of words with the Goths, Flight Time kept his cool, creating another mold and finishing before anyone else.

Soon, Zev and Justin arrived, with Zev playing catch-up as quickly as he could. In the meantime, people began finishing up – first Flight Time, followed by Jen, Vyxsin and Mallory. The next clue directed them to their next Pit Stop – on foot.

Though everyone began running for the Pit Stop – a secluded, 300-year-old cabin – the Goths grabbed a cab. So when they checked in third – the Globetrotters finished first, followed by Kisha and Jen – they were given a 30-minute penalty. Gary and Mallory arrived immediately, finding themselves in third place, and though Zev and Justin seemed pretty far behind, and even ran to an incorrect location, they arrived just before the 30 minutes were up and narrowly avoided elimination.

Sadly, this put Kent and Vyxsin, who spent much of the competition bickering, in last place, and they were eliminated. Though their final minutes of the race were bittersweet – their 30-minute penalty included a fighting match over who was at fault for their mistake – it seems like nothing could ever shake these two.

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