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Kate Hogan
February 28, 2011 02:00 PM

Are Jet and Cord the world’s luckiest cowboys or what? After finding themselves stumped at the The Amazing Race‘s first roadblock last week, they caught up with their fellow contestants and ultimately managed an impressive third-place comeback. But the road to the finish line was a bit, well, bizarre this time around.

After greeting host Phil Keoghan on Shelly Beach, teams traveled back to Sydney to find an anchor marked “To Sail to Stop” at the city’s Town Hall. There, they signed up for charter flights to take them to the tiny mining town of Broken Hill. Six teams scored a 6 a.m. flight, while the remaining five were a half-hour behind.

It didn’t mattered, though: Upon touching down, the duos grabbed their cars and drove to the Outback’s Living Desert, where they all chose the same detour. Using a pattern, they had to create a mosaic made of natural materials, then dance on it to receive their clue. The Goths, who finished first, thought they had to recruit the local children dancing nearby to perform with them, although their mistake – dancing around the mosaic instead of on it – cost them a few minutes.

For best pals Zev and Justin, that was all they needed to break into the lead, speeding off to find the “Home of the Magpies.” But instead of a sports-themed roadblock, they were presented with two kangaroo suits (complete with bouncy shoes) and the periodic table of elements. Many of Broken Hill’s streets are named for chemical elements, so teams had to decode the table and find the intersection of Mercury and Bismuth streets, where they’d find their next clue.

As pairs started hopping through the tiny town – drawing lots of laughs from locals – Ron and Christina were still struggling at the detour, and Amanda and Kris faced their mandatory U-turn, earned during last week’s premiere. Once the teams completed their tasks, they appeared to be neck-in-neck as they raced toward the kangaroo challenge. Ron and Christina paired up with the other father-daughter team, Gary and Mallory, and got hopping as Ron took to criticizing Mallory’s harried racing style.

At the pit stop, outside the century-old Junction Mine, teams arrived in their kangaroo suits, and Zev and Justin sailed to a smooth victory, followed by the Globetrotters, the cowboys, LaKisha and Jen, Margie and Luke, Mel and Mike – who faced a few heartbreaking moments as 70-year-old Mel’s health became an issue – the Goths and the cheerleaders. Gary and Mallory landed in ninth place, and Ron and Christina, who broke off from their bubbly counterparts, came in tenth.

That left Amanda and Kris, who faced their elimination gracefully. “We basically won the lottery twice,” Kris said of their experiences on the Race. Even if they didn’t win the one million, that is.

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