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Amazing Race: Ernie and Cindy's Bad Bike Luck

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Sonja Flemming/CBS

On The Amazing Race teams can go from the front to the back of the pack at the drop of a hat – or the loss of a pedal.

After leaving the pit stop at Kraton, the Sultan’s palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in third place, Ernie and his fiancée Cindy quickly saw their lead disappear after the pedal on his bike fell off, allowing all but one team to cruise by the couple.

Snowboarders Andy and Tommy were the first to reach the detour with Laurence and his father Zac quickly catching up. But after misreading the clue and using three buckets instead of two to fill up a trough for the sheep, Laurence and Zac made a costly mistake.

Arriving to the detour last, Amani and Marcus fell even further behind after switching tasks halfway through. They received a helping hand when Andy and Tommy gave them the answer to the road block, but unfortunately the married couple were unable to remember the answer by the time the reached the challenge.

Laurence and Zac were the first to arrive at the pit stop, but the prize went to Andy and Tommy after the father-son team received a 15-minute penalty for using too many buckets.

The remaining seven teams continued to have trouble with the challenge until they chose to work together. While all teams completed the task at the same time, some had to settle their cab fares while others were able to run straight to the pit stop.

In the end, former Vegas showgirls Kaylani and Lisa were the last to arrive and were the third team eliminated from The Amazing Race.