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Alex McCord on the Ice 'Scream' Social, Cheerleading and Marriage Equality

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This week we open with trouble in a marriage – at least that what it looks like as Cat makes the most of finally having her husband’s attention for an hour, by overanalyzing the graphic design of her book cover. The travel schedule he recited seemed so intense, and his rundown of the trips so matter-of-fact, that I wondered, did Charles not tell her what his life was like before they married? Did she not believe him? As the series goes on I keep waiting for the “I knew what I signed up for” speech, or the “I knew he traveled a lot but I thought I could handle it” statement, but we haven’t seen that. Did Cat have blast-from-the-past blinders on when she married Charles? Did he, so much so that he didn’t tell her what his job was really like when she agreed to move to the States? Questions for the reunion . . .

Michaele joined (for the first time, perhaps?) the Redskins cheerleaders at the first home game, and was very enthusiastic, though not necessarily in step with the other girls. Apparently she defended accusations that she’d lied bout her cheerleading past by admitting she lied about her age. If you are worried about looking bad, wouldn’t you be more concerned with showing up on time and learning the routine?

I scream, you scream, we all scream at each other? Okay, let’s review. Certainly Cat got off on the wrong foot with Erika at the beginning of the season, but at Stacie’s ice-cream party Erika came across like a rabid dog cornering a squirrel. She called Cat a mean girl, play-strangled her with the scarf and had a sour look on her face the whole time. Is Erika so positive that she can’t allow any negativity in the room? Not on this show. She seemed vicious. Now, Cat did walk in whining about her elbow, then reacted to Erika with melodrama, got up, walked out and cried, and cried some more . . . but Erika was not an innocent bystander, particularly when she followed Cat out into the hallway and continued the discussion in front of her children.

Stacie’s summation of Lolly moving home cracked me up – she was absolutely right. If you have rent to pay, you don’t leave a job in a huff. “It was fun for five seconds,” Lolly told Rich. My take? If you have expenses that Mom and Dad don’t pay for you, you can make the fun last more than five seconds. Five months, at least? Five years, maybe?

Once again, I didn’t really care about the Salahis, whether meeting with a delegate to discuss winery operations, or hiring someone to write a book for them. If I spend too much time on Housewives and ghost-writers, I’ll start banging my head against the nearest wall. Moving on . . .

The most interesting part of the episode for me was the marriage equality discussion. I was most surprised at Mary’s comment, that it didn’t affect her. With so many friends in the LGBT community, how can you not know about or be affected by the issue? There is so much more I would write about this, but am going to put that in my pocket for next year. On that note, I’m going to love you and leave you until next week.