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Alex Heigl
June 04, 2014 01:00 PM

Fans of easy-to-make puns and ’80s television: We’ve got a treat for you.

For the mid-season finale of Alan Thicke’s reality show, Unusually Thicke, Thicke hosts a Growing Pains reunion at a barbecue and hangs out with John Stamos. If that sentence didn’t send your nostalgia-o-meter into the red, nothing will.

At one point, Stamos has a conversation with Thicke about rebooting Growing Pains, with him playing Mike Seaver. And adding zombies. Or vampires. Or gay people. (It’s important to note that, earlier this year, Thicke referred to his show as “reality-ish,” so maybe don’t expect this reboot to arrive in theaters anytime soon, no matter how much we want it.)

Thicke also hosts a Growing Pains reunion at his home. It’s great seeing the cast back together, but for us, the highlight is this exchange between Alan and his wife, Tanya: “Did you watch Growing Pains?” Alan asks. “Sort of,” Tanya answers. “And then I’d switch it to Alf.”

Forget Game of Thrones: This is must-see TV. Catch the midseason finale of Unusually Thicke Wednesday at 10 p.m. on the TV Guide Network.

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