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Adechike and Lauren Nail Hip-Hop Routines on SYTYCD

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Kelsey McNeal//Fox/PictureGroup

Apparently, injuries come in threes at So You Think You Can Dance. After losing Alex Wong and Ashley Galvan in consecutive weeks, contemporary dancer Billy Bell sat out Wednesday’s competition, even though doctors told him he could dance if he felt his hurt knee could handle it. But he didn’t, so he’ll automatically be in the bottom three on Thursday’s results show, making it the fourth week in a row that he’s due to dance for his life.

The rest of the contestants made sure to deliver Wednesday night, which marked the 150th episode of the show. To celebrate the milestone, High School Musical director Kenny Ortega sat on the judges’ panel, and while he admitted all the dancers were phenomenally talented, it was contemporary dancer Adechike Torbert‘s hip-hop duet with all star Comfort that really stood out. “He left nothing but some footprints and sweat on the stage when he finished that routine,” Ortega told PEOPLE after the show. “It went beyond being a piece of choreography. It had cinematic qualities.”

Torbert, who had a rocky start in the competition, said it was an honor to dance for Ortega and he was humbled by the praise. “For him to love what I did is amazing,” he said. “I’m just on such a high right now. Even if I leave tomorrow I don’t care because it’s been such an awesome experience.”

While Torbert may have stolen the show for Ortega, contemporary dancer Lauren Froderman proved herself once again in front of the judges. Her hip-hop number with all star tWitch was “hot, hot, hot,” according to Adam Shankman. And Nigel Lythgoe praised her “swag.”

“Most look at me and they re like, Oh, white blonde girl. Yeah, sure that’s going to work with hip-hop,’ ” she says. “But I wanted to prove them wrong. And I think I did.”

Her partner agreed: “You see the blonde white girl, but have you seen her butt?” tWitch said. “You can’t really base it on the white girl thing. She breaks that barrier.”

With three dancers sidelined by injuries, a couple of all stars have tips for how to stay in top form. Kathryn McCormick says the best way to prevent injury is to be “aware of your body and smart with the way you move.” Lauren Gottlieb recommends plenty of rest. “When you’re tired and you try to muscle through it … I think that’s when accidents happen,” she said. “Staying mentally charged is the best thing they can do.” –Mussarat Bata

Tell us: Who was your favorite dancer of the night? Who deserves to go home on Thursday?