People Staff
December 18, 2008 12:00 AM

In a case of life imitating art, Kate Walsh, whose husband Alex Young recently filed for divorce, is now single on screen after her character Addison split up with boyfriend Kevin Nelson on Wednesday’s episode.

But the doctors at Oceanside Wellness aren’t exactly known for extended dry spells and Addison is no exception.

Actor Jay Harrington, who is guest starring on Private Practice as Wyatt, a doctor from a competing practice, says the sexual tension between his character and Addison will escalate. “Their interaction certainly starts off with sparks,” says Harrington. “He’s a bit of a misogynist and rubs her the wrong way. But as things go on and they work closer and closer together … we’ll see.”

But whatever happens, chances are Addison and Wyatt won’t have a long-term flame. Harrington, who had a 7-episode arc on Desperate Housewives in 2006, will be starring in ABC’s new half-hour comedy, Better Off Ted, alongside Portia de Rossi in January. “It’s quirky, satirical and there’s a lot of heart in it,” he says of the new show. “We’re having a lot of fun.”

Until then, the Syracuse alum, who went to college with Taye Diggs, is enjoying his time on the set of Private Practice. “She’s a lot of fun to work with,” he says of Walsh. “The tension between the two of us is fun.” — Lisa Ingrassia

Tell us: Do Addison and Wyatt make a good couple?


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