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Ada Wong
March 23, 2011 12:00 PM

I’m sure viewers have mixed feelings about having two new trainers on this season of The Biggest Loser but I m beginning to appreciate it because each contestant is given more one-on-one time with their respective trainer, which is crucial when you re trying to soak in and learn as much about fitness and nutrition as you can before you head home.

I was stoked to see Bob s spin class on camera! I was never a fan of spinning until I took one of his classes. It was by far the best spin class I ve ever taken! Oh! And that hike Brett took his team on was absolutely beautiful! While I was on the Ranch, I went on a hike almost every day because it was the one part in my day I could be alone and away from all the stress. And each time I came down that hill, I was recharged and ready to face all the twists and turns of The Biggest Loser.

Speaking of twists, were you surprised when Hannah and Rulon selected Jay to come back over Arthur or was it pretty much expected? I could be wrong but I don t think the decision was based on game play. It seems like everyone legitimately likes Jay and that s why they brought him back.

I am in awe of Justin. What he did for Courtney was incredibly selfless. I always liked the guy with all his funny sound bites but I had no idea he made such a huge impact on all the contestants. I ll admit, I never thought much about it when people referred to him as a leader but after this episode, I see it. I respect him for calling people out when they need it but what I really admire about him was that he was at peace with the situation. Everyone looked to him for motivation and he simply replied with, I have other people to lead. Maybe it s time for a new leader.

The contestants alluded to a lot of game play – not surprising! But I wonder what the overall strategy is and who the masterminds are. It’s times like these that I wish I had more insight into all the behind the scenes action. I m sure all will be revealed in due time.

But for now, I m just bummed Justin is gone.

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