Lee Hernandez
March 02, 2014 05:10 PM

Colombia has a new superstar: Adam Levine.

During Tuesday’s blind auditions for season 6 of NBC’s The Voice, returning coach Shakira pledged her devotion to contestant Delvin Choice – a Starbucks barista from South Carolina – by telling him, “I, Shakira Mebarak, born in Barranquilla, Colombia, solemnly swear that I am going to take you to the top in this competition.”

But Shakira’s fellow Voice coach Levine wanted Choice on his team, too, and perfectly imitated Shakira to go after him.

“I promise you,” PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive told the contestant, “I’m Adam Noah Levine from Los Angeles, California. I’m going to take you to the top. I solemnly swear. No problem. You come to my team, okay?”

This even prompted a laugh from Shakira.

Not to be outdone, fellow judge Usher then made his play for Choice, telling the contender that “many people raise their hand and swear under oath, but they’re lying.”

Such a challenge prompted Levine to fire back in his best Shakira voice, “You don’t know what kind of person I am! How can you do that to me?”

Shakira wasn’t putting up with Usher’s claim, either. “Hey, my hips don’t lie, and I don’t lie either! Okay? The rest of me doesn’t lie either!” she said.

Except her hips didn’t do the trick this time.

“When Adam turned around, I saw the intensity in his eyes,” Choice said of his decision to go with Levine. “He really had a desire to want to get to know me more as an artist.”

See Levine mimic Shakira and the rest of the fun in the video below.

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