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ABDC: SoReal Cru & Super Cr3W Dance to Finale

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It’s an ’80s dance party! L.A.’s Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w of Las Vegas and Houston’s SoReal Cru faced off Thursday to see which crew would move to the finale for a chance at becoming America’s Best Dance Crew. Sadly, after two fun and funky performances, the night ended in disappointment for favorites Fanny Pak, who were sent home just a week after the judges gave them a standing ovation.

In round one, each crew put a unique spin on an iconic ’80s dance move. Super Cr3W got rave reviews from the judges for their humpty-hump while SoReal Cru’s running man got mixed reviews. Judge JC Chasez called Andrew out for being slow with his hands, and Lil’ Mama said, “I expected more.” Fanny Pak danced horizontally and ended their routine by pulling out pictures of their moms with ’80s hairstyles. The judges loved it and JC called Glenda their “secret weapon” and “the most athletic female of the season.”

After learning that they were the first team to make it to the finale, SoReal Cru kicked off the second round, which had crews to riffing on classic ’80s movies, with an interpretation of the broom dance from Breakin’. Super Cr3W performed in flannel shirts and jeans for a tribute to Footloose. “You showed the world what you were all about,” Judge Shane Sparks said, acknowledging D-Knock‘s butterfly kick. Once again, Fanny Pak pulled off a show-stopping performance, this time to “Maniac” from Flashdance. Tiffani and Matt impersonated the judges, who cracked up when Matt, playing JC, held up a sign that said, “it wasn’t clean,” only to have Tiffani, as Lil’ Mama, hit him on the head, forcing Matt to switch it to “you are true artists.”

“That was crazy!” Lil’ Mama said. “Creative, theatrical, humorous and an entertaining performance from beginning to end.” JC commended Bo for nailing a tough double pirouette and the girls for executing leg extensions. “I’ve enjoyed watching you guys,” he said. “Every time you take the stage, I get excited.”

But after two fantastic performances — and a season of creativity — it seems the finale needs at least one break-dancing crew. So, Fanny Pak was sent home to L.A. The crew’s choreographer Matt struggled to hold back tears just long enough to thank the crowd. “This whole thing was the best experience of our lives,” he said, before taking one last dig: “America, vote right next week.” — Madeleine Desmond

Tell us: Will you miss Fanny Pak? Which crew will win America’s Best Dance Crew?