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90210 Recap: What’s the New Guy’s Secret?

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Jaimie Trueblood/The CW

Sean, the long-lost son of Harry Wilson (Rob Estes) and Naomi’s mother started off his stint in 90210 by causing some trouble. Dixon (Tristan Wilds) — who until now was Harry’s No. 1 son — started acting out. Tired of his dad giving attention to Sean, he decided to throw elbows on the lacrosse field. Harry took him out of the game, which led to a father-and-son moment between them.

Side note: Rob Estes is becoming the hottest guy on the show. His earnest speeches are intoxicating.

Dixon quickly matured and extended an olive branch to Sean, his new brother with a Southern drawl, who is moving in with the Wilsons. But there’s trouble on the horizon. In the final scene, he made a call to an unknown person and said it was all good — except he spoke with no accent and sounded quite sinister.

Quick question: Is he working with Naomi’s mom?

Meanwhile, Annie (Shenae Grimes) was having an identity crisis now that she and Ethan (Dustin Milligan) are out as a couple. She felt like she needed to live up to Naomi’s sense of style. After trying on dozens of outfits for a trip to Ethan’s lacrosse game, she finally conceded and admitted she’s not a W mag-reading, slick queen bee, but a nice, geeky girl from Kansas. So what did she do? She became the Wildcat mascot.

90210 flashback! Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and Kelly (Jennie Garth) were behaving like it was yesteryear. Brenda said she didn’t want to fight about Dylan and Kelly told her to leave and live her life. But just when you thought Brenda and Kelly would never be together again, Kelly rushed to Brenda’s side after she tumbled onstage during a performance and ended up in the hospital. Together again, Brenda dropped another bombshell and said she was trying to push Kelly away because she slept with Ryan (Ryan Eggold). Whoa. When did Mr. Matthews become the tastiest catch at West Bev High?

And with those words, Kelly turned on her heels without saying a word and walked out the hospital room. Some things never change. — Elaine Aradillas

Tell us: What’s Sean’s story and who is he working for? And should Brenda be forgiven?Jaimie Trueblood/The CW