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90210 Recap: Drug Raids & Electronic Babies!

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Michael Desmond/The CW

OMG! The final cliffhanger scene of 90210 was intense. But there’s plenty of drama that led up to it.

The kids of 90210 were not the only ones filled with angst. Principal Harry Wilson (Rob Estes) and Tracy — Naomi’s mother — talked about the son they gave up for adoption 22 years ago. After a brief and talk with his wife Debbie (Lori Loughlin), Harry agreed to send a letter to the agency. But Tracy already hired a private investigator. Inside the principal’s office, Tracy explained that she has been thinking about their long-lost son for years. Harry agreed and when they hugged it out, Tracy went in for a kiss. It could have been the end of the Wilsons, but Harry — being the good guy that he is — went straight to his wife and told her about it. Again, Debbie was unbelievably understanding.

Meanwhile, love started brewing (again) for Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Ethan (Dustin Milligan). Paired up in health class, they were given an electronic baby, which has a computer chip that signals abuse if the baby isn’t held properly, fed or changed. (What happened to good ol’ fashioned egg?) The couple and their baby started family life at the Peach Pit. Ethan’s ex Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) ran into them while on her way to visit Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes). Awkward. But Ethan told Annie that he’s tired of breaking up and getting back together with Naomi and is now looking for someone to be his always and forever. Hmm, wonder who that could be.

Naomi grew suspicious of Adrianna after she blew off an afternoon of shopping with her. The next day, Naomi confronted Adrianna about the drug rumors. Who needs rumors? Can’t anyone see that girl’s eyes and nose have been red since the first day of school? But if a mini-intervention in the hallways of West Bev can’t get Adrianna to stop, a drug raid will. Adrianna finally admitted to Naomi that she was never able to fully quit the C&C club — that’s coke & champagne. As police and dogs sniffed through the school, Naomi, the icy princess with a heart of gold, grabbed Adrianna’s lipstick case full of drugs and ran for the bathroom. But the police caught Naomi and arrested her.

Ethan, Annie and baby confronted Adrianna and told her to confess the drugs were hers. Peer pressure always wins, so Adrianna agreed. Naomi was expected to meet with her daddy’s lawyer and told Adrianna to come along. Since when does anyone trust a drug addict to show up anywhere on time? Predictably, Adrianna couldn’t stand the pressure and decided to forgo a visit to the lawyer’s office for a party instead. Naomi was furious and called Adrianna, who didn’t pick up. As Naomi shouted into the phone, “You’re dead to me,” paramedics were performing a scene straight out of Pulp Fiction — complete with adrenaline shot — on Adrianna. — Elaine Aradillas

Tell us: Is Adrianna dead or alive? And did the show do a good or bad job of showing the effects of drugs?Michael Desmond/The CW