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Jonathan Kite Promises 'More Chest Hair' on 2 Broke Girls

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Ben Trivett/

Jonathan Kite, who plays a short-order cook Oleg in 2 Broke Girls, says the show will serve up a fresh slice of all-American comedy when it returns to CBS Monday.

“It’s just so real,” he says of the show, which also stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. “We’re in New York, dealing with the economy. It has people who are struggling, small businesses – that’s what America’s been founded on.”

The actor, 33, spoke with PEOPLE about L.A.’s diner scene, his favorite guest stars and where he wants to be in Hollywood.

On diners: “I think it’s so funny when diners have carpet,” Kite says. “You think to yourself [food] is going to spill. And it just looks like a giant Jackson Pollack painting. It just looks smelly.”

On his new costar: “I was so excited when I read I’d be working with Jennifer Coolidge,” Kite tells PEOPLE. “I’ve been a fan of hers from the [Christopher Guest] movies. It was one of those things where I said to myself, I hope I get her. How cool would it be if I got Jennifer Coolidge.”

On the new season: “You can expect more chest hair and sexy shenanigans,” Kite says. “I think Oleg’s growing with each episode. He’s learning from the other characters [and] he continues to teach the world sex education.”

On his Hollywood path: “I look up to guys like Jason Segel. I mean, he’s got the very successful show but he’s still writing and producing. I love how he completely brought back the Muppets franchise.”

Reporting by BEN TRIVETT