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They Said What? for May 4, 2004

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• “We’re still in negotiations. We’re still in rehearsals. It’s going very well and I am excited about the future.”
Troy’s Brad Pitt, to Oprah Winfrey, about family planning with wife Jennifer Aniston

• “I started out in corsets with Merchant Ivory as a nice British actress, and then even when I get, like, the tough, badass action movie, I still have to wear the (expletive) corset!”
Van Helsing star Kate Beckinsale

• “I’m the kind of person that still to this day, like, calls my business manager and says, ‘Okay, if it were all to end today, how many months do I have to live?’ “
Courteney Cox, on feeling financially secure as Friends comes to an end

• “I think he made a face … and then he said, ‘All right. I warned ya.’ His main concern was my heart breaking because it can be so hard, you know, and – and painful.”
Jennifer Aniston, on her father’s reaction when she said she wanted to be an actress

• “You and Latin music go together like chocolate ice cream and an onion.”
Simon Cowell, to ousted American Idol finalist, John Stevens

• “I’d rather be a baby-sitter than a nurse!”
Ivana Trump, to Extra, on why she prefers dating younger men

• “I have a friend who does me on his answering machine so when I call him I talk to myself.”
Christopher Walken, to Ellen DeGeneres, on being a popular actor to impersonate

• “I learned lip liner is the only way, darling, that fishnets could make even a mattress look sexy, and that there’s no such thing as pushed-up-too-high when it comes to a bra.”
Nia Vardalos, on what she learned from her drag comedy Connie & Carla

• “You know what? He is not bad. He is more on pitch than other singers. I think he is entertaining.”
Enrique Iglesias, on Ricky Martin imitator and American Idol reject William Hung