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They Said What for May 25

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• “I’d be lying if I said I wanted to do The Day After Tomorrow for any other reason than fulfilling a childhood fantasy.”
Jake Gyllenhaal, on his love of ’70s disaster flicks

• “I have been labeled like I’m this angry girl … I’m actually really shy.”
– Singer Avril Lavigne

• “We have fun every day. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”
Ellen DeGeneres, upon winning a Daytime Emmy for best talk show

• “It’s so silly, because only in America can you be famous for just being famous.”
Nicole Richie, whose show The Simple Life 2 premieres June 16 on FOX, to Oprah Winfrey

• “There’s the laughter and the kisses and the moments you never forget. Then there’s the laundry and the shopping and the puke on the floor and the diapers. I love movies. They’re expensive and they’re a privilege to be a part of. But there’s a lot of collateral work to them.”
Uma Thurman, on how making films is like raising a child

• “I’m probably going to collaborate with the swimming pool this summer.”
– Singer Michelle Branch, on her summer plans

• “You won’t have trouble surpassing my generation. If you end up getting your picture taken next to a naked pile of enemy prisoners and don’t give the ‘thumbs up’, you outdid us.”
Jon Stewart, in a commencement speech for graduates of the College of William and Mary

• “The Contender is not about boxing. It’s about people who box – and that’s a big difference.”
Sylvester Stallone, describing NBC’s new pugilist reality show, in which 16 contenders will compete for a million-dollar prize

• “I was the straight man, and (President) Bush wrote the funniest lines.”
Michael Moore at Cannes, where his new documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, won the film festival’s top prize, the Palm d’Or