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They Said What? for May 11

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• “I slept outside the producer’s door every day on the set, begging him to let me live. And it worked. I made history, baby!”
Mindhunters’ LL Cool J, on being what he calls the first black man to survive a thriller (in Deep Blue Sea)

• “I’m a workhorse. I love working. And I’ll miss my family – my TV family was a real family.”
Kelsey Grammer, on what he’ll miss most about Frasier, which is ending its 11-year run

• “I don’t like the idea of somebody farting in my meringue.”
Van Helsing’s Kate Beckinsale, on why she doesn’t send food back in restaurants

• “I just want the money and the fame and the adoration, and I don’t want any of the other stuff.”
Matthew Broderick, to W magazine, on the price of celebrity

• “I don’t even RSVP. If there was a box that said ‘As if,’ I would check that.”
Margaret Cho, on declining a White House invite

• “I’m gonna miss the Friends. I mean, because we used to watch them once a week, and now, we’re only gonna get to see them every day at 3, 5, 7 and 9 … right after Golden Girls, Seinfeld and Law & Order.
Ellen DeGeneres

• “Things seem funnier when you’re really, really tired.”
Late Show with David Letterman’s executive producer, Rob Burnett, on why they will tape an episode with a live audience at 4 a.m.

• “If I was her age and if I was blonde and pretty like her, I would be worse! I wouldn’t smoke one cigarette, I’d smoke two – and a cigar! And I wouldn’t have one man, I’d have every man!”
Sharon Osbourne, weighing in on tabloid reports of Britney Spears’s wild behavior

• “Perhaps the senator saw my movie Gigli last fall and figured I’d be working for minimum wage myself.”
Ben Affleck, backing an increase in the federal hourly minimum wage proposed by Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy