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They Said What? for July 19, 2005

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• “It’s exhausting – especially when you’re trying to escape to save your own life, and you can hear the grip chewing a sandwich.”
Scarlett Johansson, on shooting against a blue screen for her new movie, The Island, to the New York Post

• “I think he rendered me infertile.”
The Island’s Ewan McGregor, on director Michael Bay’s motorcycle-chase sequences, to Entertainment Weekly

• “He was not an ingredient or inspiration for the part at all. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald) Dahl wrote this character in 1964, when Michael Jackson was a wee lad. I don’t think he was inspired by him either.”
Johnny Depp, on assumptions that his Willy Wonka portrayal was inspired by the pop star

• “A fake name is very attractive.”
J.K. Rowling, telling 14-year-old interviewer Owen Jones about how she can take the pressure off writing her first non-Harry Potter book

• “I’m sad about it. I really thought Nicollette was a shoo-in. In terms of Eva, my prediction is she’s leaving us all in the dust.”
– Emmy-nominated Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross, on her snubbed costars, Nicollette Sheridan and Eva Longoria

• “I made a $35 million movie. That’s the doughnut budget for Mission: Impossible.
Billy Bob Thornton, on his remake of the 1976 Little League classic The Bad News Bears.

[IMAGE “2” “right” “std” ]• “The photos themselves were not offensive to me. I thought my boobs looked good … At least I have that going for me.”
Cameron Diaz, testifying at the trial of photographer John Rutter, who is accused of trying to blackmail the actress with topless photos he shot of her in 1992

• “I may not be the greatest lover in the world. Well, let’s make that angle work. There’s lots of different paths to the waterfall. You don’t have to be Don Juan.”
Owen Wilson, on his sexual prowess, to Rolling Stone

• “I never thought I was anything special.”
Elle Macpherson, on her early years as a model, to Vanity Fair