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They Said What? for Feb. 8, 2004

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• “I study ladies. Most of my friends don’t want to spend their weekends reading The Secret Life of Bees, but I like to see what women are thinking.”
Will Smith, who plays a dating expert in the romantic comedy Hitch

• “I’m walkin’, D.”
– Screen Actors Guild best actor honoree Jamie Foxx, giving a nod to Denzel Washington, who had told him, “If you win or if you lose, keep walkin’ in the same direction.”

• “How bittersweet. But it’s still sweet.”
Elaine Orbach, accepting a SAG Award for her late husband, Law & Order star Jerry Orbach

• “The day my parents accepted I was an actor was the day I told them, ‘I get insurance.’ “
Jennifer Garner, upon receiving her SAG Award for Alias

• “I look like a Muppet. Tina Turner looks cool, and I look like the lost Muppet.”
Felicity Huffman, examining her hair before performing with the singer as part of Oprah Winfrey’s “Wildest Dreams”

[IMAGE “1” “right” “std” ]• “When I read the script, I was eating pizza and drinking beer, and when I got to where it said, ‘Mike, glistening in the yard with his shirt off,’ I literally did a spit take.”
James Denton, who plays Desperate Housewives’ heartthrob plumber Mike

• “Houston is going through spiritual warfare right now.”
– Bodyguard Marco Powell, to MTV, on why the 21-year-old R&B singer gouged out his eye, insisting it wasn’t a suicide attempt

• “‘Whoa!’ came from my favorite sport at the time, which was horseback riding. ‘Whoa.’ “
Henry Winkler, on how he developed his trademark phrase for his Happy Days character, the Fonz