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Shanna Moakler's Dancing Blog

Posted on

Scott Doctor/Splash News


So, here we are again with a new season of Dancing with the Stars!!! I noticed that this year they only get four weeks to rehearse, which thinking back is kinda scary. And they will dance twice before eliminations. Oh, now they wanna change the rules … LOL.

Billy Ray and Karina: Billy Ray definitely looks a little stiff and kinda reminds me of Tucker (Carlson). The wig thing was hilarious. I hope Karina still has feeling in her scalp … LOL. A couple of times I noticed Billy Ray counting, but I totally get it. Well, if anyone can get that man to dance it’s definitely Karina – she doesn’t play and is there to win for sure. They actually got the lowest score, but I’m thinking that will be Billy Ray’s motivation for next week.

Ian and Cheryl: Ian seemed pretty confident and very funny but he is serious. He isn’t playing around – you can tell he wants to win and we know Cheryl is going for a three-peat. I’m excited to see her choreography.

Paulina and Alec: I’m not sure how old Paulina is but she is stunning … wow. They seem to be a cute couple – it’s hard to judge so early on with only one dance to judge them on. She did look a little nervous. The judges do seem to like her and they kept talking about her arms and I’m sure that was the last thing she was thinking about

Leeza and Tony: Tony is another one of my favorites. He’s a great dancer and really gets his dancers to move. Leeza seems pretty confident in rehearsals and on the dance floor. I just think she needs to relax and have fun and it will all come together.

Laila and Maksim: I must say I don’t know what I expected from her, but I was very surprised at how graceful Laila looked. You never would have known she was a boxer. The judges gave them a high score so you may wanna watch out for them. And you know Maksim is gonna make her work.

John and Edyta: Actually, I have to say I am pretty surprised at how well John did. He came into the competition late and only had two weeks to rehearse. Hey, for two weeks he was great! And Edyta – I mean, the body, the outfit. John probably could have fallen down and no one would have noticed … LOL.

Shandi and Brian: Well, Brian is new so it will be exciting to see what he’ll bring to the competition. As for these two, they definitely seem to be flirting a lot. She needs to use those legs to her advantage, but sometimes when you have long legs errors seem more obvious. She should be careful.

Kym Johnson and Joey Fatone
Joey and Kym: I’m so happy for Kym that she has Joey. They seemed to really get along and although we all loved Jerry (Springer), me included, now she could have a chance to get to the finals. They were great and he even stayed focused when his battery pack was swinging around and I’m sure whipping him. They were the favorite of the night and they could have a shot at the trophy.

Clyde and Elena: Oh my god, Clyde is so tall. He definitely needs to rehearse a little more in practice but he could be the audience favorite. He seems super-charming and really shy. Remember, it’s the first dance and anything is possible – and they did score higher than a couple of teams. So…

Heather and Jonathan: It was no accident they were near the end. Heather definitely needs to loosen up but I completely understand nerves. I’m sure she is thinking about her leg, so that could be causing some of her stiffness. She needs to smile next week.

Apolo and Julianne: Well, he’s definitely used to training so that will work in his favor. But it doesn’t look like he has much time to train with everything he has going on. I think his biggest challenge is going to be his posture because he’s always hunched over for skating.

I do have to say the judges were very nice on Monday – no real crazy comments, no one cried and they didn’t really get booed. So that’s a good start. You remember the start of last year, RIGHT???

Talk to you guys next week and remember to vote!

Shanna xoxo