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July 05, 2007 01:00 PM

Week Two: Apolo Ohno Is in the House!

Well, folks, no skinny-dipping this week! Too busy learning my old dance moves from last tour.

Our buddy Joey Fatone was whisked away to Hollywood for the week for a prior engagement so now I am the lucky dance partner of Kym Johnson, Fatone’s partner from last season. Joey was replaced by the champion himself – Mr. Apolo Ohno! Apolo only had one day of rehearsals but he banged it out true to his form and gave it his all. The fans were thrilled to see Julianne Hough and Apolo together live. Julianne and I will be partners again after Apolo does these five dates out on tour.

In the meantime, Kym and I are carrying on a torrid affair on the floor. It’s a lot of fun out there with her.

The crowds really love the show. There have been a bunch of changes from last tour. Some – I gotta be honest – I wasn’t so sure about, but as we get a couple of shows under our belt, we are working out the kinks. The Four Horsemen (the three Joeys and one Drew) called a meeting and worked out a few glitches that make the show go a little smoother. Louis Van Amstel, the ultra-talented choreographer and dancer, was very accommodating and it turns out we were all on the same page. Okay, enough about logistics…

There is a new part in the show that is a gas, gas, gas. We call it our “Rat Pack” tribute. The Joeys and Drew get out there and do a few great standards from that swinging era and then we close with something from Frankie Valli – a couple of stingy brim hats, a few steps in line and a lot of laughs! It’s a nice surprise for the audience.

We all have a music background and it’s cool to do something together. Of course, those guys can’t touch me in the first act, when I get to croon a couple of songs from my new CD of standards, Talk to Me.

That’s what I love about DWTS – it’s brought back the “Song and Dance Man.” And I love fillin’ those shoes.

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