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December 23, 2010 06:00 AM

Lady Gaga may be going pantless in Paris, but the pop star isn’t skimping on her meals. Gaga arrived at Chez Andre sans reservation with three bodyguards. According to restaurant staff, there was no diva behavior, and the pop star was very sweet. She ordered escargot and chicken with fries, but skipped dessert or alcohol, drinking only water. When she left, Gaga kissed the manager goodbye and left a very, very generous tip, the staffer says.

• Getting serious? Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried braved the rain for a meal at Quality Food & Beverage in Los Angeles. The two grabbed a window seat where, an onlooker tells us, “Amanda was staring at Ryan, wide-eyed and smiling.” Added the onlooker: “They looked comfortable around each other – not as if they were just starting to get to know one another.”

• Looking to have a very white Christmas, Mandy Moore popped into Dental Boutique in West Hollywood for a teeth cleaning. “When she was in the waiting room she was chatting and laughing with the staff,” an onlooker says, adding, “When anyone gave her a compliment about the way that she was dressed, she would just blush and laugh it off.”

Erykah Badu made her deejay debut at PM Nightlife Lounge inside The Joule hotel in Dallas. The R&B star stayed in a hotel suite and rocked pigtails during her performance, playing an eclectic mix of tunes. Guests crowded around the deejay booth to snap her picture, while stars like Jesse Metcalfe mingled as well.


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