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September 19, 2008 06:00 AM

Kim Kardashian, treating herself to a milkshake – topped with sprinkles – at Millions of Milkshakes, a West Hollywood milkshake bar. And the reality star worked hard for her dessert: She came from rehearsals for her stint on Dancing with the Stars, with her brother Rob in tow.

Mischa Barton, lining up with the masses outside Earls Court to catch the Vivienne Westwood Red Label runway show as part of London Fashion Week. When the actress was recognized, though, she was escorted inside. Meanwhile, Emma Watson sat front row, snapping photos of the models on her red mobile phone. Afterward, the Harry Potter star skipped going backstage to slip into a gray London taxi. Also at the show: Pamela Anderson who, appropriately, sported a Vivienne Westwood design.

• File this under celebrity real estate watch: Cameron Diaz, looking at a $10 million house in Beverly Hills’s Trusdale Estates.

Saturday Night Live pals Seth Meyers, Rachel Dratch and a pink-clad, very pregnant Amy Poehler, laughing over chitarra and tagliolini pasta and some Chianti at Vento in New York. While Poehler did not drink, the group repeatedly toasted her spot-on impression of Sen. Hillary Clinton as well as her upcoming departure from late night television.

• They hang out even when the cameras are not rolling. Mad Men star (and Emmy nominee) Jon Hamm, chatting with Christina Hendricks over drinks at Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills. Hendricks ordered a lemon martini and talked to Hamm, in a pinstriped suit. Soon, Elisabeth Moss arrived, hair down, and ordered a glass of champagne, which she drank while chatting with her costars. Soon, others arrived – including January Jones and John Slattery – and the group sat at a long table in the center of the restaurant for a late supper. Dining on chicken, penne pasta and Caesar salad, the group looked like one big family.

Eddie Murphy, partying and dancing to live music at L.A.’s Les Deux while out with a “very pretty” new lady friend.


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